Monday, June 30, 2014

The popcorn was good

We saw the new Transformers movie on Saturday. Portions of it were filmed in Sean’s plant and he was excited to see how they made parts of his workplace look like a top-secret Chinese factory. Those few minutes of the movie came two hours in. Two hours in of a nearly four hour movie. After we saw that part, all I could think was, “I could be reading Harry Potter…”

The movie was full of explosions and car chases and impossible stunts. Not a ton of engaging, thought-provoking dialogue or highly-developed characters. Of course, it was a Transformers movie, directed by Michael Bay. What was I expecting? A serious plot? Quiet scenes of reflection? We went to see GM cars turn into robots fighting to save humanity from the evils of other robots who were also sometimes cars. And sometimes giant robot dinosaurs. And based on that, the movie was a huge success.

All I can say is thank goodness for Stanley Tucci. That man made the movie watchable for me. He is brilliant and fun and engaging and is a bright spot in an otherwise odd movie. 

The things we do for love. Seriously. If my son or husband doubts how much the girls and I love them, they only need remember that we spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon in a movie theater watching cars morph into robots which fought each other and some other kind of silvery dinosaur-type machines.

At least the popcorn was good. As was the company.