Wednesday, July 02, 2014

He is amazing - and he might believe it now!

How long have I told Sean he’s a piano pro? How long?! Forever and ever and ever. And last night, I think he finally started to believe me.

The performing arts group we are a part of put on a show to announce the productions for the upcoming season. And the highlight of the show was hearing Hannah Elless, a Broadway performer, sing and talk about life in the world on the Great White Way. Amy has followed Hannah’s career for years and was super-excited to hear her. I was excited to hear her live instead of on YouTube videos. So we were both pretty pumped.

Then it got better.
Amy, Hannah and Sean, after the show.
See how happy he looks!
Sean was asked to accompany Hannah. He was given the music last week and practiced like he hasn’t practiced in a long time. Two of the songs were straight-forward: Tomorrow from Annie and Thank You for the Music from Mamma Mia. But the third was tricky: Bless the Lord from Godspell. There were funky rhythms and cool syncopations – he practiced and practiced. I felt like I knew the song backwards and forwards by the time last night rolled around, as did Amy, Sean’s faithful and amazing page turner.

And last night, my husband accompanied a Broadway star. And he killed it. Killed. It. 

I was watching from backstage and could only see Sean and Amy’s backs. But I loved watching them work together. And Sean sounded so, so good!

On the way home, he happily said, “I played for a Broadway star! I think I did okay!” That, my dear readers, is the most praise I’ve ever heard him give himself.  

Indeed, he did do okay. Much better than okay. But I’ll take the baby step.

Oh, and that Hannah girl – holy cow. She was much better than okay, too. Dang, that girl can flat sing. And on top of that, she is a lovely young woman. I enjoyed my interactions with her and appreciated her willingness to share her thoughts and experiences of being a Christian in the theater. It’s a world that needs people of faith, and I’m happy Hannah is in the thick of it.

What a night. Amy was so happy that she got to meet someone she really admires (not that I know anything about that…). My husband was happy that he got to play for an amazing singer. And I was happy to be the mom of one of them and wife to the other. 

Pretty sure that makes me the happiest one of all.
Photo: Running through some music before the show
Brad Garnaat, HPA's Executive Director, Hannah Elless and Sean, rehearsing before the show. No pictures were allowed during the performance, so this is the best I've got. Thanks to Dan DuPraw for taking this one!