Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The ring bearer's wearing the ring

Our ring bearer, my cousin, Brandon, was the most adorable little guy. He was a sweet, kind kid who was a joy to be around. His dad, my Uncle Richard, was the ring bearer in my mom's wedding, and I loved the idea of carrying on that family tradition. 
The happy couple, Sean's dad, the best man, and Brandon, the ring bearer,

Sean fixing Brandon's tux right before the wedding. This is one of my 
favorite pictures from the day - I love this!

So this summer when we got the invitation to attend Brandon's wedding I RSVP'd yes instantly. How could we not go? A chance to be with extended family and the opportunity to be a witness to my little ring bearer's nuptials all during our 22nd anniversary weekend - sounded like a win-win-win!

And it was. Loved seeing some of my aunts and uncles and cousins (missed those who couldn't make it!), loved being a part of Brandon's special day and I loved thinking about his anniversary being 22 years and one day after ours.
View of the wedding and the vineyard - gorgeous setting for sure.

Our ring bearer, all grown up!

Congratulations to Brandon and Lauren! We wish you wedded bliss - and when that wears off, we wish you God's grace to continue loving each other as much as you do right now. And after 22 years, we can tell you that the love that comes after working at marriage is so much sweeter, so much deeper, so much better than anything we could have anticipated on our wedding day. We pray it is the same for y'all.

We love you!
The happy couple!

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