Monday, September 29, 2014

Amy's order of operations

We have a big ol' whiteboard in our school room. It’s been used for various math problems and all manner of science stuff, as well as a place to put copy work when the kids were younger. It’s also been a canvas for various art projects. For instance, here are two of Sean’s latest offerings:

But since we've sent people to college, it’s also been used as a message center. Michael started leaving notes for us when he heads back to school. And now Amy’s gotten in on the act. She came home yesterday afternoon for a visit, and when I went in the school room this morning, I found this:

Sean and Rebecca were working on the order of operations for math (which is what I assume Amy referenced by her PEMDAS thing) (hey, at least she remembers!) and apparently Amy decided to add her own spin to things.

Thankfully, I fulfilled two of the three at dinner last night - and if only I'd known about #1 I could have done that one, too. I'll know for her next visit. 

Finally, an order of operations that I can actually do!

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