Thursday, October 09, 2014

NUIAS, here we come!

That we are going to a car show this weekend is not surprising. What is surprising is that Michael will meet us there, sporting a coat and tie, walkie-talkie firmly in hand. Because he's helping run it.

And "it" is the Northwood University International Auto Show, the largest outdoor auto show in the nation. Over 60,000 people will wander the grounds of NU, viewing more than 500 cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. At least 600 students help put on the show, and Michael is one of them. He's the Public Relations chairman, so he's gotten to an opportunity to record radio spots, write press releases and do television interviews.

A friend commented that this is an amazing combination of both his mom and dad. And she's exactly right. Sean often jokes that he's going to quit work and go back to school with Michael. I'm not heading back to school any time soon, but I would adore hanging out with Michael all day tomorrow while he interacts with different TV and radio crews, including the incredible Frank Beckmann, an icon in Michigan radio.

If you have any interest in cars, you want to be in Midland this weekend. And if you see a handsome guy driving a golf cart around looking all official, tell him is Mom is really proud of him.

Michael and Kristin Hammond, General Chair, in the studios of ESPN radio.

Photo: Videos in the making with our PR Chair, Michael Duffy! #thatvoice
Michael cutting radio spots.

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