Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

The Northwood University International Auto Show was a huge success. Michael did a great job interacting with the various TV and radio station representatives. We even got to watch one of his interviews:

What you don't see in this picture is the group of four grandparents, two sisters and two parents, acting like tourists, snapping pictures like crazy people.

Michael did meet Frank Beckmann – this is the text I received after they met: “…he has been extremely accommodating. You would not be disappointed!” 

Knowing people who seem friendly on the radio are also friendly in real life is so refreshing.

We got to chat with some of Michael’s friends, including Jon and Tanner. The three of them have been buddies since their freshman year. Sean and I are happy Michael’s made such good friends. We’re always hearing stories about stuff the three of them of are doing.

I think they see themselves as The Three Musketeers, or maybe Jeremy, James and Richard of Top Gear.

Based on the stories we hear, I wonder if their professors see them more like The Three Amigos…

I jest, I jest!


Seriously, though, those guys are going to own the auto industry one day.

After the car show, we drove the grandparents over to Amy’s school. She showed us around, and because a show was happening that night, got everyone into the costume shop and theater.

It was a long day with lots of walking – I’m embarrassed to say the 70 year-olds held up better than I did!

And now, random pictures of the weekend:

I cannot count the number of times I've seen them in this position...

One of the many cars/trucks Michael got to drive.

Amy's dorm room.

A fun weekend was had by all!

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