Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Today's theme: arts and crafts!

Rule #1 for successful blogging: stick with a topic. Don’t bounce around and write about this today and that tomorrow – pick a subject and stick with it.

This could very well my blog's downfall– it's a bit ADD. I just write about whatever comes to mind. And today, what comes to mind is the super-cool craft Rebecca created for a class she teaches. 

She made this pattern that she'll have her students cut out:

It's not just an owl. It's a horned owl.

(And of course it's an owl. She does love her owls. Remember this:

And then she showed what it would look like, all put together:

I love that it looks like her head is part of the picture.

Isn't that so great?! I seriously do no know where my kids get their creativity. 

Please feel free to use this. Rebecca would be pleased to know that her owl is being shared. You can find it on Pinterest, or just copy it from this page. 

Tune in tomorrow for something completely different!