Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Thoughts

It’s raining. And it rained yesterday. And that means I can see grass again!

I love rain!

Use an umbrella in the rain and nobody thinks you’re crazy. Use an umbrella in the snow and people think you’ve lost your mind. I do not understand this. Snow is water, right? So why don’t we use umbrellas in the snow?

My sister was here this weekend and she was excited to see the snow. She was also excited to go back to South Carolina where she would not need her wool socks.

It was a weekend of selfies – not a picture I’m fond of taking. But as I was pulling together pictures for our family photo album, I realized there are not many shots of me. I used to say the kids would know who their mom was by listening to home videos – they could hear my voice because I was always behind the camera. I’m generally the photographer. So I’m trying to change this. Better my kids see my double chin than have no pictures of me at all.
We saw the third Hunger Games movie - Rebecca was on the edge of her seat through the whole thing. I heard some people say it was too slow, but I really liked it. Felt it did the book justice.
At the theater for Mockingjay Part 1.

We went to the 9 pm show. After we bought our tickets, we saw people lined up for the midnight show. I wanted to ask if they realized they weren't seeing the actual premier - there was a show at 8 and 9 and those of us not spending five hours in line would see the show before they did.

Rebecca and I strongly disagree over who Katniss should end up with - for the sake of family harmony, we've agreed to table the topic...

Thanksgiving is this week. Just a reminder that it takes more than a day to defrost a turkey. Just a little FYI from me to you. Don't ask how I know.

Happy Week of Thanksgiving!