Friday, November 21, 2014

Not until December!

I mentioned on Monday that I felt ready for this winter because we got a snow-plowing company to clear our driveway. However, the contract doesn't kick in until December. Which made this week rather unpleasant because we got a bunch of snow - the kind of snow that shouldn't come at all, but if it does, shouldn't come until Christmas. 

Sean was going to shovel but on principle I said NO! No shoveling! This is a no shoveling winter! It's supposed to rain on Saturday - the snow should melt. And hopefully the white stuff will stay away until December.

I realize I shouldn't complain, because some places got it so much worse... all those snow pictures, as well as the snow outside my front door, are making me long for a vacation somewhere warm, like this:

With a funny flight attendant. Like this:

Here's to a snow-free end-of-November.

Happy weekend!

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