Monday, December 22, 2014


I hardly know what to say.

I was looking through the folders of pictures on my laptop, trying to get together a photo album of the year. I found a folder called, "Camera Roll" - I had no recollection of putting anything there but the mind's not what it used to be. So I opened it and believe me: I did not take these pictures:

I got a new computer this summer and apparently Michael figured out how to use the camera long before I did. (Which translates into I still don't know how to use the camera.) He left me a dazzling array of shots of him in his white t-shirt with various Post-It notes stuck on his face:


And then he decided to try on Rebecca's Twisty Turby towel thingy:

When I told him I'd found the pictures he could not have been more pleased. He was incredibly proud and wanted to scroll through them - he laughed at his own pictures. "I'm so glad you found them," he said through his giggles.

Pretty sure he won't be the only one laughing today.

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