Monday, December 15, 2014

There's no crafty corner in this house

Do you want to know why craft stores sell pre-made bows? Because it is not easy to make bows.

Eight years ago, my Mom helped me make these bows:
Unfortunately, being boxed after eight Christmases has left them looking a little shabby. So I figured I’d buy some fabric and make new bows.

That was my first mistake.

The second was thinking I could make bows without my Mom here.

The third was going to the fabric store with the deluded notion that I could make bows.

Rebecca and I went to Michael’s, bought this cool burlap-sparkly fabric.

I figured all I had to do was loop it around, secure it with some florist wire and stick it on the garland. For all of you shaking your heads saying, "Bad idea," trust me; I know now that that was a bad plan.

I moved on to how-to videos on YouTube. I got what I thought was helpful information, but the info didn't translate from my brain and eyes to my hands.

I switched to bow-making websites. Apparently I am unable to replicate anything I watch or read that has anything to do with craftiness.
I stopped at this point to take a very deep breath...

I gave up and just tried to take some information from the video and some from the how-to website and strike out on my own.

I am happy to say that while there is red glitter everywhere in my kitchen (and in my hair), I have successfully made one bow. Only nine more to go. But more bow-making has to wait until I get back from Michael’s because I did not buy enough fabric the first time. (Who didn't see that one coming?)

Here’s what I learned from the bow-making adventure: buy pre-made bows next time. Or wait until Mom's here.