Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Engineers think of everything

Remember when you were a kid and you got a really cool gift that needed batteries but you didn't get the batteries? It's like the giver thought, "I know she'll love just looking at her Baby Alive!"

Sean has never been that kind of gift-giver. If a present needs batteries or anything extra, he's on it. Case in point: I found this pretty little bag on my kitchen table:

Sean was quite pleased with himself over the purchase. He was positively giddy and couldn't wait for me to open it:

Inside I found mistletoe, Scope and Blistex. 

People, if you are looking for a complete gift set, that's it. Leave it to an engineer to think of everything needed to make the most out of a trip under the mistletoe.

The mistletoe is currently hanging in the kitchen. And the jingle bell is so low that if you aren't careful, you announce to the family that you're under the mistletoe. I think that's Sean's favorite part. 

That and the fresh breath, smooth-lip kisses he's been getting. (And now our children will throw up.)

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