Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Parachutes of hope, love and care

Ever feel that urge to send an encouraging text or email? Maybe you go old-school, get out pen and paper and send an actual letter? Do you then wonder if your small act of kindness meant anything? Let me emphatically tell you it does. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, it means so much.

I've been the recipient of many emails and texts since writing about my Aunt Sue's cancer and the heartbreak it has caused me and my whole family. The texts and emails that took a few minutes to type and send buoyed me beyond belief. The Facebook messages were a balm to my soul.

Sue’s daughter, Ashley, wrote that the messages she’s received are like the gifts sponsors send to Katniss in The Hunger Games. The little parachute falling through the trees brought much-needed supplies and got Katniss and Peeta through the games. And the notes and texts and messages are just like that for Ashley – “… little parachutes that come down from nowhere into this tall grass and give you a boost, a salve.  Those never get old and ultimately aid the survival.”

She is so right. They are a boost. They are a salve. They aid in our survival of this dark walk through territory that’s new to my family.

When you get the idea to send a note to someone send it on. Text. Email. Pony Express. Short, Long. Medium. Send it. I promise it will mean more to the recipient than you could ever know.

I think I’m going to break out my stationary this afternoon and send a few letters myself. 
One of the parachutes I received last week.

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