Monday, March 23, 2015

One space, people. One. Space.

There are a few people in my life who have a problem with communication. A serious problem. It doesn't affect their speech - just their written word. It’s so grievous that when I receive an email or text from them my eyes twitch and I get a little nauseous. I've endured it as long as I can, but now I must alert them to the issue in the hopes that they put a stop to the nonsense:


Now, in the grand scheme of things, is this a huge issue? In light of world hunger and natural disasters, does this issue really warrant a blog post? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

This graph will explain the issue:

The confusion is understandable. In high school typing class we learned to put two spaces after a period. But let me remind you that if you're close to my age, we attended typing class in the last century. It’s time to pop on into 2015 and stop double-spacing at the end of sentences.

If you are guilty of Double Space Syndrome, please, take time today to commit to stopping. Just think of the energy you’ll save over the course of your life – those thumb-taps on the space bar don’t just happen. You have to work those thumbs. You’ll also extend the life of your space bar.

Anyone who reads your written word will thank you. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you've entered the 21st Century. A few years late, mind you, but better late than never.

If I haven't convinced you, please peruse this piece from Slate. It offers a history on the two-space issue. It's an excellent read.

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