Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Socks and Sandals?

When I kissed Amy goodbye on that first day of college, I knew she would face challenges. Challenges like managing her time, making friends and learning lots of new things in her classes. Those are challenges all moms know their kids will face, challenges we’re ready for. And for the past seven months, she’s done an admirable job navigating her new world. Sean and I are beyond proud of her.

Or, at least I was until I saw her on Monday. She needed me to bring her something for an audition. We met between home and her campus – when she stepped out of her car, I saw this:

Y’all, I raised her better than this. Socks and sandals? 

“I wanted to wear my sandals, but it was too cold, so I put on socks,” she explained.

While I credit her with being smart enough not to go sock-less in 30 degree weather, I also credit her with a horrible style decision.

Of course, this matters not a wink to her. Which makes me even more proud. Because it is way more important to me that she be confident enough to wear what she likes than for her to blindly follow fashion trends she doesn't.

Her choosing that combo makes me wonder if she is blind...

So, Amy, now that I've expressed my admiration for your ability to choose your own style, can we agree that socks and sandals shouldn't happen again? Pretty please with closed-toe shoes on top?

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