Monday, May 04, 2015

Better visit next time

Knowing our kids’ friends has been a highlight of being parents, and thankfully that hasn't completely changed since the older two have moved on to college. During his three years at school we've gotten to know a few of Michael’s buddies and we’re getting to know some of Amy’s college friends, too. So when Amy told me she was bringing home a friend last Friday night I was thrilled.

But last Friday turned out to be a crazy, confusing, schedule-changing day and by the time Amy and Meg were supposed to be home, I had to take Rebecca to a dance rehearsal. As I pulled out of the neighborhood, I passed Amy and Meg on the road right outside our subdivision. Ugh. Strike One.

I thought I’d get to see them Friday night – they went to see another college friend (hi Katie!) in a show. But by the time Amy texted to say they were on the way, she said they wouldn't get home before midnight. I had to be on the road to a soccer game with Rebecca at 7:30 the next morning. I tried to stay up didn't make it. Strike Two.

I thought Amy said she and Meg were getting up early Saturday morning so Meg could get home for the rest of the weekend. I figured I’d at least get to see them then. But early to them was not early enough for me – I had to take Rebecca on to her game without seeing them. Strike Three.


While I didn't get to see Meg, I did see evidence of her being in my home. For example, this is where she slept:

 These are her flip-flops:

 That’s her car:
 I saw her stuff – just not her. Total bummer.

Meg, hope you enjoyed your brief stay at our abode. Next time you come, I’m canceling all plans so I’ll actually get to see you! (Bring Katie, too!)

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