Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Welcome to womanhood

A friend recently told me she tells her youngest (a junior in high school) that he's not a baby any more but that he'll always be her baby. That's how I feel about sweet Rebecca. It's easy to forget that she's a teenager because I still think of her as my baby. But last week she did something that reminded me she's not baby - she entered the world of womanhood: she had haircut regret.

She's been looking at pixie cuts for months. She thought she'd start by taking a few inches off, which she did three months ago. It was a success! She looked adorable (no surprise there) and felt good about the length as a mid-way point.
Last week she took the plunge and went all the way to the pixie:
As soon as she left the chair, she thought it was too short. Oh, honey. Do I know the feeling! What woman hasn't left the salon and regretted either the length or color she just paid good money for? I was 16 when I first felt the pangs of hair style regret. And my mom said the magic words that every woman has uttered to herself or a friend, and they're the words I said to Rebecca as she ran her hand over her bare neck: It will grow.

Thankfully, Rebecca just had to get used to the short feel. She's now thrilled with the outcome and thinks she may go even shorter next time. 

Dear Rebecca, you'll always be my baby, but clearly, you're no longer a baby. Welcome to womanhood. And the next time you have those stabbing pains of hair style regret, just remind yourself that it will grow.

Tattoos are forever, though, Don't forget that.

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