Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sean and the (yummy) Minions

Pretty sure the target age for the new Minions movie is around 10 years old, which is probably why this box of Twinkies is branded with the little yellow guys. When I saw the box in the grocery store this morning, I knew I had to bring it home, even though I don't currently have any 10 year olds living under my roof. But I do have an almost 50-year-old in my house who really loves Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the Three Stooges of the cartoon world.
The bonus in this box of creme-filled sponge cakes is edible stickers in the shapes of eyes, mouths, and clothes that you can use to dress up your Twinkie to look like your favorite Minion. Dessert was clearly decided.

Sean took this job very seriously. He had to pick just the right stickers:

He was very pleased with his finished Twinkie Minion:
(See the little Minions on the table? Amy and Rebecca went to McDonald's to get them for him. What good daughters.)

He's seriously a little crazy about these guys.

But not crazy enough not to eat the Twinkie: 

People, I'm aware this is about as low-brow as you can get: Minions and Twinkies. And yet, during the dinner conversation, our Minion-lover talked about Bach and classical music.

He is quite the Renaissance Man.

Now we just have to find a time we can call get to the theater together because the kids can't wait to watch Sean watch the movie.

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