Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I blame Pinterest

I just wanted to re-do the school room. We used to need three desks and we’re down to only needing one. Plus, the room was still builder-beige – it desperately needed some color, something I’d been saying since we moved in ten years ago. I hopped on Pinterest to get some ideas and that’s where the trouble began. 

Quick Pinterest Tip for New UsersThere were lots of cool office ideas, but what really caught my eye was the way many of the rooms in a house were painted the same color throughout. But I was just looking for a color for the the school room…

Needing to focus, I went off to Home Depot with the girls to select the color. First color was a bust, so back to the Depot for Color #2. Again, bust. Back to the store for Color #3, which proved to be the charm: Dolphin Fin.

(Who comes up with the names of paint colors? Seriously. Dolphin Fin? It is incredibly accurate, though. Good thing I like dolphins. I'd never have picked Shark Grey. So I guess those color-namers know what they're doing.) 

I painted the school room and loved the look. Then, remembering what I’d seen online of all those rooms painted the same color, I decided to paint the half bath, and was pleased with the results. Until I got Dolphin Fin on the ceiling. Back to Home Depot for ceiling paint for some touch-up. Which turned out to not be the same color white as the current ceiling, which meant I got to repaint the whole thing instead of just touching it up. And then I got to touch up the wall after I got ceiling paint on it. And then I got Dolphin Fin on the ceiling so I had to touch it up… It was a vicious cycle and not one of my best painting moments.

The current state of the school room.
Finally finished with the half bath, I kept thinking the color would look good in the kitchen. So I painted the kitchen. And then I realized the curtains didn’t match, so I had to take them down, fill and patch all the holes from the curtain rods. And then that meant we had to get something new to cover the windows. Yep: back to Home Depot.

I was starting to feel like I was living in a new children’s book: If You Give a Mom a Paintbrush.

I finished the kitchen, did the small hallway to the garage and the small hallway outside the half bath – and stopped. After two weeks of nearly non-stop painting, I was just done. I still need to finish the family room and piano room but I am done for now. Because what got this whole thing started was redoing the school room and that room is now a full-on mess. Because I moved on to painting without finishing it. So we’re off to Ikea this Saturday to solve our school room woes.

And then, back to painting.

FYI: If I’m still painting in September, I hope someone will come pry the brush out of my Dolphin Fin-stained hand. And log me out of Pinterest.
First coat of Dolphin Fin - before I realized the curtain rods had to come down and I needed to fill the holes...

Finished! At least in the kitchen.

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