Monday, November 02, 2015

Random Thoughts

For the first time in 21 years we didn’t have a Duffy child Trick-or-Treat. Having the two oldest graduate from high school and go to college marked big changes. But to have not a single kid go out and get candy… that was definitely different.

Of course, different isn’t bad. We spent the day in the Windy City, doing a little shopping and seeing a show. And getting a little Chick-fil-A. Nothing to sneeze at for sure!
Can’t go to Chicago without getting some deep-dish pizza, and over our pepperoni pie we talked about Halloweens past. Sean brought up his favorite Trick-or-Treat story: when Amy went as a ghost. She cut the eye holes a bit too high which meant she couldn’t see. So at one of their very first houses, five-year-old Amy tripped up the walkway, bonked her head and decided she’d had enough.

Pretty sure it wasn’t Amy’s favorite Halloween memory.

As much as we loved dressing up the kids and walking around the neighborhood with the little beggars, we really enjoyed the time with our NACs (Nearly Adult Children).

The bummer is no candy.

I suppose I can go to the store and buy some, but that does take the joy out of charging our Parent Fee, which Sean and I gleefully enforced. His fee: Mounds. Mine: Snickers. Or Milky Way. Or Twix. Or Almond Joy. Basically, I was good with any chocolate.

My sister’s family is serious about Halloween. We went Trick-or-Treating with them one year and couldn’t keep up the pace. If it were an Olympic sport, they’d take the gold each year. So when my sister sent me a picture of my nephew’s haul, I wasn’t surprised:
Wonder if there's an Aunt Fee I don't know about...