Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Picking music is tricky business

We are having a problem at our house right now. Sean is in the process of picking music for the adult choir to sing for Christmas. He’s digging through all his music – and there is a lot of it. He’s got music dating back to the late 80’s when he sang with several different church choirs. He’s got stuff put together by his dear friend Wade who could make the most average singers sound glorious. He’s got music that he collected from times he accompanied for random choirs. The amount of music he has stored around this house is insane.
This is only a fraction of the music he's accumulated over the years. 
All those notebooks - full of music.

And it all seems unnecessary to me because I have already provided several excellent (if I do say so myself) pieces. All of mine have composers named Grant and Smith – quality, quality composers. But nothing he’s pulling have those names in the upper-right corner.
I don't know why he's looking any further than this...

I’m sure the composers he’s picking have written some good stuff. He played some through some pieces with titles of, “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Joy to the World.” Classics to be sure. Then he played something by Rutter – sure,  he’s done some decent work. The Cambridge Boys Choir sing his pieces so he’s definitely got that going for him. But has his work been performed by the Nashville Symphony? 
Fine. It's a classic. I'll give him that.

I mean, yes, Sean is incredibly gifted in the music department. No doubt about that. He can look at a piece of sheet music and know exactly what it will sound like. Just the other night, he was helping Rebecca tune her ukulele just by humming the correct pitch. So it seems deferring to his judgement would be the wisest course of action. But I play a mean iPod and feel my selections should be in the running.

Discussions are on-going. Updates to follow.

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