Tuesday, December 08, 2015

It's still a no, but I get it now

Are leggings pants? No, no, a thousand times no.

Leggings are not pants. This is a non-negotiable, much like the no-white after Labor Day rule. Yes, they cover the legs like actual pants, but make no mistake about it: leggings are not pants. Pants have pockets, zippers, belt loops, and unlike leggings, have some extra fabric that allows the curves of your butt and legs to be left to the imagination. And lucky for us, pants are not in short supply; they’re available everywhere at every price-point. But we see people wearing leggings as pants everywhere. It’s an epidemic. And I have been on the front line of legging judgment, shaking my head at the legging-clad people I see all around me, wondering why their moms aren’t telling them the obvious – that leggings are not pants.

But following a stunning moment of clarity, I fear I must now show some mercy to those I’ve judged for wearing leggings. Because I recently bought a pair – to wear around the house! – and I cannot believe how comfy they are. The first time I put them on I contemplated canceling all my plans for the day so I could avoid putting on jeans. In the two weeks since buying them I have worn them at every opportunity, even going so far as wearing them until I had to leave the house and putting them back on as soon I returned home.

I love my leggings! And yet, no matter how comfy-cozy they may be, they are not pants. Perhaps this graphic will help clear up the matter:
Despite my new-found love of leggings, I cannot equate them with pants. But I will certainly be less judgy next time I see someone wearing them in public because I get it now - they ARE comfy! And I’ll probably put mine on as soon as I get home. But as snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug they make me feel, they will never, ever, ever be pants. Ever.

But they will be my favorite article of clothing no one sees.