Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Random Thoughts

(Worry not – no spoilers here!)

We’ve been looking forward to this movie since it we heard it was being made. J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek actually made me a Star Trek fan, so I was really looking forward to what he’d do with a story and characters I already liked.

He did not disappoint.

(I actually typed Star Wars where I meant to type Star Trek – can you imagine the blowback I’d get for that mistake? There are some serious Trekkie fans out there who would not take kindly to that gaffe.)

Sean, Michael, Rebecca and I saw the 8 pm show with our friend, Katie. We passed a long line of people waiting for the midnight viewing. And a lot of them were dressed up. I thought I was excited for the show until I saw people dressed as sand people and storm troopers. Now, those folks were excited.

When the movie began, the first thing you see is the Lucasfilm logo. People actually cheered.

When Han Solo appeared, I didn’t know whether to applaud or cry. I did a little of both.

Abrams brought back some humor in a really good way.

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are great. And their lives have changed forever now. They’ll be this generation’s Luke, Leia and Han.

It was amazing to see that the older characters actually looked old. No airbrushing or CG to make them look younger.

Carrie Fisher was great as a subdued General Leia. But man, I couldn’t get over her voice. That’s a No Smoking campaign all by itself.

It feels like heresy to speak negatively about Princess Leia…

And Han Solo... he may be 73 years old but he's still Han Solo. 

Only quibble: the new droid sounded like Wall -E. His mannerisms were also a bit Wall -E-esque.

The special effects are amazing, the music superb and the story line fantastical.

When does VIII release?!

As good as the movie was, my absolute favorite part of the night: running into these people!

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