Tuesday, December 15, 2015

That’s Mrs. Overlord to You

One thing about writing a blog is you never know who’s reading. And interestingly (to me, anyway), the last few weeks there’s been an unusual uptick in the page views on my blog. I couldn’t figure out why, because I’ve been posting irregularly for the last six months, which is usually the death knell for page views. But I’m thrilled anytime anyone reads my blog so I was happy to see the little arrow marking page views head north. 

I got a bit of insight into one new source for page views last weekend when my college kids came home to sing in the Christmas choir their dad was directing. (Sean’s always happy to have his three kiddos in the choir, and he’s equally happy to have me sitting in the pews, supporting them. We’re all where we belong.) Michael made an off-hand comment about a bunch of his friends reading my post about leggings, and Amy chimed in and said lots of her friends read that one, too.

“Wait a minute: your friends are reading my blog?” I asked.

“Yeah. They were all talking about,” Michael said.

“Same here,” said Amy.

I knew two of Amy’s friends occasionally read my posts (hi Meg and Katie!), but I had no idea anyone else on their campuses did. That got me thinking I better be more careful about what a post so I don’t embarrass them...

Hahahahaha! I was actually thinking about what pictures I could post that perhaps their friends would like to see. I immediately thought about some bathtub shots that are just so stinkin’ adorable that I’m sure their friends would enjoy… But that’s for another day. Something for everyone to look forward to.

Anyway, yesterday, I got these texts from Amy:
The Duffinator Overlord. I have no idea where that came from but I love it. LOVE. And since K Dodd, my biggest fan, next to Meg, is asking me to use it, here goes:

I am the Duffinator Overlord!

I think I’ll start having my kids call me Mom Overlord. Seems like it will strike just the right amount of fear and respect that all moms desire. And their friends can call me Mrs. Overlord.  

I think I’m really going to like having this college audience.

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