Monday, January 18, 2016

50's the new 30

When you’re 10, 50 seems really, really old. Like get a room at the nursing home and schedule an appointment with the funeral home old. And then you turn 20 and think, “Yep, 50’s still old.” Then your turn 30 and think, “Well, 50 is old, but maybe not that old.” Then you hit 40 and find out some of your friends are actually in their 50’s and you realize 50 isn’t quite as close to the grave as your younger self once thought.

And then one morning, it happens: you wake up and you’re 50 years old.

That’s what happened to my dear husband this morning. Last night, he went to bed a spry, 49-year-old. This morning, he hit the half-century mark.

Wow. How the heck did that happen so fast?

Best case scenario, age brings wisdom. That’s definitely happened in Sean’s case. While he’s still the goofy guy who makes me laugh, the ways he’s grown in his faith and as a husband are astounding. Looking back over 20 years to see such growth is something to be so thankful for.

Sure, he’s got some gray hair. And yes, his pant size has gone up a bit (thank goodness – he wore size 28 waist when we married). But turning 50 didn’t change anything but the box he’ll have to tick when he takes surveys. He is as fabulous as he was when we went on our first date in 1989.

Sean, you may be over the hill, but it’s our hill. I’m happy to sit shotgun next to you on this crazy life we’ve made. Love you lots.

(Many thanks to Sean's dad, Chuck, for finding all these great pictures for me!)

Sean as Batman, holding a battery he pretended was his "Bat Spray."

Redan High School Marching Band.

With his first pride and joy, a '68 Bug.

The car he drove when we started dating, an '88 Chevy Beretta.

Sean and his sister, Jill, in the Firebird that Amy's now driving.

He loved this Olds.

There are so many pictures like this one! (I love that the Amy Grant Unguarded piano book is there!)

Fifty looks good on you, honey!