Thursday, January 07, 2016

New year, new idea: Spotlights

It’s January 7 – seven days into all those new year resolutions… how you doing? I didn’t make any this year. It’s not that I’m opposed to resolutions, it’s just that my past resolutions have been a bit too sweeping. So this year I’m trying to focus on smaller steps instead of giant, major changes. And that goes for my blog, too.

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One of those changes you'll see here is occasional Spotlight posts. They'll support other people doing cool stuff. Or call attention to great customer service. Or shine a spotlight on regular people making good choices. Most of these posts will come from my personal experiences, but I would love input from you, dear reader!

Three spotlights today. First, a new blogger I’d love you to read. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What? Another blogger? Aren’t there enough of y’all already?” Well, there are a lot of us, but not all of us can tell a tale like this lady. Ruth Ann Frederick’s writing is engaging and at the end of each post you’ll feel like you spent some time with her on her front porch. Check out her very first post, Mama’s Chicken Skillet.

Second spotlight: Danielle Spencer, a friend from church, has blogged periodically about life and lessons learned in her home of nine. She continually points us to Christ. Her encouragement to moms of large and small families is appreciated by those who know her in real life as well as those who get to know her via her writing. And hopefully more will know her soon, because she was just published on The Christward Collective, a publication of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Her post on hospitality is excellent.

Finally, if you need somewhere to stay in Greensboro, North Carolina, I have the place for you: Hampton Inn & Suites Greensboro/Coliseum Area. My family stayed here when we attended my aunt’s Life Celebration. They hotel rooms were amazing – brand new –  and the staff was excellent. But the reason for the spotlight is because when I returned home, there was a condolence card waiting for me, signed by the staff of the hotel. The hotel staff sent me a condolence card. People, have you ever heard of such a thing?! What a lovely gesture.

So three spotlights for today: two good reads and a place to stay in Greensboro!

I’m looking forward to these periodic Spotlights – if you know of anyone who should get a little spotlight love, let me know.

Happy New Year – and may you faithfully stick to your resolutions, big or small!

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