Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random Thoughts, Dog Edition

The vision I had, of a little dog sitting in the school room with Rebecca, has become a reality.

See that yellow bag to the left? That's the dog food we special-ordered. Y'all, we special-ordered dog food. What in the world...

Dakota came to us with his name. And he’s had it for seven years, so changing it is a bad idea. Since we're not going to change it, Sean has let everyone know that we did not pick it. Because no respectable Duffy would select the name of a Dodge for our pet.

Michael keeps calling the dog, Dave. I have no idea why.

The advantage to having an older dog: he's already house- and crate- trained. So far there's only been one accident in the house and that was our fault for not moving fast enough in the morning. We have not made that mistake again.

Dakota's only real downside is his aversion to animals on TV. I'm sure no one will be surprised that Nature is Rebecca's favorite show. We settled in to watch one this weekend and as soon as Dakota heard the birds he went absolutely nuts:
I took this picture while he barked at the PetSmart ad.

So far he doesn't bark at Law & Order, so I'm good.

If my reaction to the dog is any indication, my future grandchild(ren) will be horribly spoiled. Horribly. For instance, Rebecca is training him to not bark at certain things. Like people coming in the house. Or animals on the television. But he has such a cute little bark that I find myself laughing at it. This does not please Rebecca.

She is also training Dakota to stay off the furniture. Sean and I appreciate her being respectful of our stuff, but I find myself saying, “He’s so small. He can’t do that much damage…”

Sean and Rebecca do not agree. They’re both good with the no-dog-on-the-furniture plan. I'm sort-of on board with it. Sort-of:
I don't even know who I am any more.