Tuesday, May 03, 2016

When obedience (sort-of) backfires

Since they were little, we’ve told our precious bundles of joy that they were on a particular trajectory: high school, college, job. Unspoken in-between “college” and “job” is getting your own apartment and moving out. This all sounded so good in theory. Until reality smacked me in the face.

This weekend Michael finishes step two by graduating from college. Step three, job, has also been accomplished. He’s been working part-time with his new company for the past few months but starts full time June 1. And the unspoken of getting his own apartment has also been taken care of; he can move in any time starting next week.

I think he’s taking this obedience thing just a bit too far…

Obviously we’re thrilled for him. Obviously we’re excited for these new steps he’s taking. Obviously we are happy he won’t be living in the basement. Obviously, obviously, obviously. This is what we raise them for, right? 

But. But. But. This means he’s taking his bedroom furniture and his room in this house will be empty. Holy cow, I thought I cried a lot when I walked by his room when he first went to college. I cannot even imagine how awful it will be when I walk by the EMPTY room.

I was explaining this to Sean, how crazy and jumbled my emotions are right now: so happy and proud and so crazy sad about the changes to the current status quo. To which my very level-headed husband said, “I know it will be hard. But maybe I can make his room my office so it won’t be empty.”

Hard to be mad when the engineer honest-to-goodness thought he was offering a helpful solution.

One step at a time. This weekend, graduation. Next week, moving out. The week after that, we can talk office space. I just need to get my head wrapped around how “good” all of these changes are.

If it does become Sean’s office, the plus side is we won’t have to change the decorations: