Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Brown hair and math coexist!

After months of searching on-line, scouring AutoTraders and test-driving several different vehicles, Rebecca welcomed a bright yellow 2008 Pontiac G5 into our family last Friday afternoon. Michael was there to witness and approve of the acquisition. Pontiacs as first car is a tradition for the Duffy children, and Rebecca was happy to keep that ritual alive.
She didn’t seem particularly excited about the purchase before it happened. She’s an in-car-reader; she has always read in the car, even on short trips. As a driver she was concerned about missing the opportunity to read. Even getting in her hours during the permit phase was difficult because there was always a book to be read. But since she drove her car home her tune has changed. Just last night she gushed, “I love this car! I love that I can drive myself where I need to go!”

There really is nothing quite like the ability to get behind the wheel and go where you need to go. We’re excited she finally experienced the thrill of driving. She is a Duffy so it was bound to happen – we’re just glad it was sooner rather than later.

So yay for Rebecca! And while I am truly happy for her, I must admit I am just the teeniest bit happier for me, because I no longer have to choose between brown hair and getting Rebecca to math class. Y’all, let me tell you, that struggle was real.

So congrats to Rebecca, and welcome to the fleet Mr. G5. We’re all happy to have you here!