Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summertime and the living is crazy

It's well into July and what I thought was going to be an easy month has turned out to be quite busy. We made a 1600 mile round trip journey back home to visit friends and family. For someone so accustomed to flying (my dad flew for Delta and so we flew everywhere) I didn't handle the car ride too well. My children, on the other hand, loved it. The whole ride. I couldn't believe it.

Sean and the kids played car games for hours -- and by hours I mean hours. The kids watched a movie, something I vowed my children would never do in the car. Of course, I never thought I'd be driving for 14 hours... anyway, the kids did great. They colored, had snacks, talked, laughed... we never had one fight. Amazing.

The day after we returned Sean's sister and her family (husband and three children) came for a quick visit. Jill's husband had a meeting about four hours away and they decided to go ahead and make a long drive even longer and come see our new city. We saw a single A ball club game, went to the local ice cream shop and just had a wonderful relaxing visit. It's so lovely when in-laws turn into such good friends.

A very nice man and his son just finished pouring a 20 X 20 concrete slab for us behind our garage. Sean and I are calling it a patio; Michael is calling it his basketball court. We mentioned placing a table and some chairs out there and that was met with a loud objection. "That will mess up my three point shot practice!" I'm sure we'll find a compromise...

Next week I head to New York City with a friend from back home. I'm actually tagging along with her, her sister and another friend. We all have family members who worked for an airline so we're all flying standby to NYC. We have tickets to a show and we're planning to see the Statue of Liberty. None of us has ever been there before. Should be fun, assuming we can each get up there. Planes have been very full lately...

I hope you're having a great July!