Thursday, September 08, 2005

What was I thinking?

Yesterday school started for Michael. We are homeschooling our three children this year using a "homeschool school." The kids go one day a week (of course not all on the same day...) and a teacher has planned the lesson, picked the curriculum and planned the homework. I am in charge of following through with her plans.

I thought this was a great plan. That was until yesterday. Michael came home with homework in English/Writing that I didn't understand. Diagramming sentences. Okay, first of all, he's in 6th grade. What the heck are they doing diagramming sentences in 6th grade? I know I didn't do that until high school and I vividly remember thinking, "I just have to get through this because I know I'll never use this nonsense again." I believe those are called famous last words.

Then there's math. I actually sat in the class with him yesterday because the teacher requested at least one parent attend the first day. Anyone who knows me knows I should not have been the parent to attend that particular class...

Anyway, this teacher said she spends a good deal of the class time working on mental math. This is math that you do in your head. I can hardly do math on paper, much less in my head. So, of course the parents were encouraged to participate. This was a mistake for me. Of course, it was a huge ego boost for my son who got the answers right.

He's also taking science. I don't know what class is going to be like because I ordered the wrong book. At this point I am seriously wondering what I was thinking when I thought I could homeschool these children.

And lastly he's taking Ancient History. Finally, a class I can understand. Read the text, answer the questions. I can do this. Of course, he has to make a Creation booklet tomorrow and that requires some specific folding of paper and a ruler...

Amy and Rebecca haven't even started yet! Amy, I'm not worried about. I'm sure she'll be teaching me everything she needs to know by the second week. But little Rebecca... I need to teach her to read, and she has absolutely no interest in phonics. She loves to be read to, and since she has a mom, dad, big brother and big sister who will read to her she sees no need to learn. Next week should be fun.

I know this is just the first week and we'll be working out the kinks for a few (several?) weeks. But the good news is Michael and I have made it through the first day and we are still speaking to each other. And more than that; I am amazed at his ability and truly enjoyed working with him today.