Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That's My Girl!

Since September, the choir Amy's in at church has been preparing for a concert. Each Sunday Sean and Amy would head to the Sunshine Choir room and practice for 90 minutes. It was Sean, the choir director, some helpful moms and 80 first, second and third graders. Yep, eighty.

Saturday was the big day. They wore tie-dyed shirts, specially made by their choir director. She's a senior at MSU and she's been great with the kids. She has a bit to learn about crowd control, but her heart was in the right place. And the kids loved "the red-haired lady." Why they couldn't remember her name I'll never know...

Anyway, the performace went so well. Sean played the piano masterfully. And Amy, who had the only solo, did a great job! I was such a proud wife and mom.

I recorded her portion with my little digital camera so it's not the best picture. (Plus, it's a little hard to hold the camera still when I'm crying...) But the audio is good. And you can look on the right side to see Amy on the big screen for some of the time. You can't see Sean but you can hear him! Click on the title above to link to the video.