Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sixteen Hours!

Only sixteen hours until my back-door neighbor gets here! How's that for friendship? She's driving 13 hours just to see me, and she's hauling her three kids along with her. Today, at the start of her kids' spring break, she loaded them in her car, drove 10 hours and tomorrow will continue the rest of the way to my house! Woo Hoo!

I cannot believe they're actually going to be here. My kids are driving me crazy; they've asked, "How much longer?" more times than I can count. (Rebecca's been asking that since Linda made her plans months ago.) Everyone will have to share their bedrooms and for the first time no one has complained.

I don't care about changing the sheets. I don't care about all the cleaning. I don't care about the grocery bill or the fact that I've had to rent a larger car so we can all drive together. I don't care about anything! Linda's coming for a visit!

This will be the best spring break I've had in a really long time.