Monday, January 15, 2007

We need a nap

What a crazy weekend! We crammed so much into two days we’ll need three to recover.

It started out Friday night. I knew Saturday was going to be insane and we had guests coming for dinner so I decided to prepare a big pot of chili. That way I didn’t have to worry about cooking on Saturday and I could just enjoy the two basketball games and three hours at the barn I knew were coming. So I got everyone in bed and stayed up late folding laundry and cooking chili.

But 6 am Saturday morning I shot up out of bed with the horrible fear that I’d forgotten to put the big ol’ pot of chili in the refrigerator. I raced downstairs to find that I had indeed forgotten to put the chili in the fridge. So in addition to the two basketball games and three hours at the barn I had to now go back to the grocery store and make another pot of chili. And please keep in mind, the closest grocery store (that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for everything, anyway) is 20 minutes away.

On Sunday Amy and I headed to the barn for her first ever horse show. We woke up to what looked like light snow on the grass but when we hit the road I realized there was quite a bit of ice on the road under the snow. So a trip that normally takes 25 minutes took 50. The barn is out in the boonies so the salt trucks hadn’t made their way that far out. (The roads hadn’t even been cleared by the time we left at 1:30. It’s pretty far out there.)

Amy rode in two classes and placed in both! I was very, very excited. I think I might have been more excited than Amy. It was certainly a learning experience for both of us, and I know we’ll be in much better shape by the time the February schooling show rolls around.

Sunday evening Michael, Molly and their girls came for dinner to celebrate Sean’s upcoming birthday. It was such a relaxing evening – they’re the type of friends who refill their own glasses and feel quite fine mocking the hostess’s lack of math and computer skills. XO back at you, Chef. And by the way, 2/9 = .222 (I think...)

Thankfully Sean had today off so we’ve had relatively laid-back day. Michael and Sean worked for a few hours on math and then we went to see Night at the Museum. It was a fun movie, a little short on character development, but a good family movie nonetheless.

So tonight Sean has taken all the kids on some errands and I have a quiet home for an hour. Ah. A bit of calm before the storm rolls back in.