Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!

(If you're singing Barney's "Clean Up" song, I am very sorry. Please know I cannot get it out of my head, either.)

I am quite impressed with myself and thought I’d toot my own horn all over the internet. Okay, only on my little blog, but it’s my part of the internet.

Anyway, I have been struggling with the shelves in the school room all year long. I’d clean them up, only to have them trashed 30 minutes later. But today, I got organized, sorted the books and craft supplies and really, really put the shelves in order. Mr. Organized, otherwise known as my husband, will be thrilled. My system of filing is piling; he does not appreciate my particular style of organization, so I know he’ll be very, very happy with the shelves.

I assigned each child two shelves, so if a particular shelf is messy I know who’s responsible for making it not messy. There’s a plan I should have thought of in September.

Now if only I could get my desk organized… Well, as Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day.