Monday, September 10, 2007

Michael's First Ride

In Michigan, you can begin the process of obtaining a driver's license at age 14, 8 months. Michael's been counting down the days since he found out, and quite honestly, it was one bit of information that lessened the pain of the move. At last count, he has 15 months, 12 days to go.

Our neighbor, Mr. Alex, has a very nice ride-on mower and Michael has been dying to give it a try. This weekend he got his chance; our mower broke, so Mr. Alex said Michael could use his. So Michael and Mr. Alex tag-teamed both our lawns. Michael rode the ride-on, and Mr. Alex followed behind with the push mower to get the tight spaces the big mower couldn’t reach.

Michael, who has always wanted to drive, wants to now more than ever! He said as fun as it was to drive the mower, he couldn’t even imagine how much better driving a car would be

He is most certainly his father’s son.