Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where'd the week go?

I hate that I haven’t written anything in over a week. It’s not that I haven’t written a thousand words in my head – like the novella I thought while I was getting my teeth cleaned and the “Electric Slide” song came on the radio and I thought about our wedding reception and how fun it was to dance to that song with my cousins and Aunt Corby... or the bit I wanted to write about the guy who totaled his GMC Acadia in a freak roll-over accident but walked away with a mere scratch on his cheek... or the entry I wanted to log about Rebecca losing Rascal the Hamster twice but we found him, and both times we only found him after praying (one of these days I’ll think to start with prayer)… Even though my actual keystrokes have been absent my mind’s been churning with blog entries.

But alas and alack, I haven’t written anything. Ugh. I feel like my whole life this past week has been “that which I want to do I don’t and that which I don’t I do.” Look up Romans 7:15 and you’ll see my picture.

And even now, with a week’s worth of material, I hear my bed calling more loudly than my blog. I sense the bed will win tonight. But it’s not winning right now, at least.

We have a full day at church tomorrow, morning and evening. Sean and I are keeping the infant nursery for the morning service and the kids are in a membership class during the evening service. We’ll have just enough time in-between for Sean to catch his weekly nap and for me to throw a load or two of laundry in the washer. I’m not a big fan of the two-service Sunday; seems like we don’t get any good family time on those days.

Anyway, my bed is calling, more loudly than before, probably because Sean told me he turned on the electric blanket. I always called the electric blanket a “hot heater;” I don’t know why. When we got married Sean thought that was exceedingly funny, so I’ve tried to change my terminology. I try to remember to say “electric blanket” but by this time of the night it usually comes out “hot heater.”

So I’m off to bed to snuggle down under my hot heater and start reading the new FairTax book. Though I know the book will be a good read, I bet I’ll be asleep before page 2.