Sunday, April 20, 2008


One would think, in this state and in this economy, the United Auto Workers at Sean’s plant would thank their lucky stars to have jobs with above-average pay and excellent health benefits (in many cases, better than the salaried folks have). One would think. One would be wrong.

The UAW morons at Sean’s plant are on strike again. They went out last Thursday. They aren’t getting paid by GM, obviously, because it was their choice to walk. They won’t get paid by the union until they’ve been on strike for two weeks. And then they’ll only get $200/week, which is a far cry from the nearly $1200 they earn when they actually work. The downside: GM’s losing money. The upside: Sean got home before 6.

Let me see if I got this straight: In Michigan, in the middle of a serious recession, they decide it’s better to not get paid than to work while negotiating… As an engineer from the plant said, “Someone should try explaining to the UAW leadership that GM pays wages and benefits with the money collected from selling vehicles. Selling them is difficult if we don't build them.” (I won’t identify the engineer because I don’t want him to incur the wrath of the union he has to work with daily. Although knowing this engineer, I’m not sure if he’d care. I wonder if my husband wishes I'd grant him the same privacy...)

Check out these pictures of group-think on the UAW picketline:

These are the workers employed by GM at the plant that is selling every car they can build. I believe this is called biting the hand that feeds you. But there’s the rub: they don’t think they work for GM. They think they work for the union.

Until they figure out that GM writes their paychecks, nothing will be solved.