Saturday, April 19, 2008

We Got "Expelled"

Sean and I saw Ben Stein's new documentary, "Expelled" last night. It was occasionally funny, very clever, and in the end just disturbing. In academia, a world where freedom of thought is supposedly prized above all else, why are professors who wish to investigate Darwinism from another angle (intelligent design) demonized? In addition, they are blackballed and lose their careers.

I don’t know how the world was begun (no kidding!), and the funny thing is, neither do the die-hard Darwinists. They admit as much in the movie. While I, however, can leave room for an intelligent designer, they cannot. The one question I wish had been asked was, “Why?”

Contrary to critics’ concerns, this is not a 90 minute pep rally for creationism. None of the interviewed scientists says they want to bring prayer back to the classroom, nor teach a literal 6-day creation story. They simply want to explore a different origin of the species because, as they so eloquently say, the cell is much more complex than Darwin could have ever imagined.

I give it two opposable thumbs’ up.