Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Protected by Angels (and an Acadia)

Sometimes when people correspond with GM about their cars the letters get back to the plant where the car was made. That’s exactly what happened with this letter and pictures.

Seems a man was driving a brand new Acadia and was involved in a serious accident. Here’s what he said:

"The Acadia is built very well - very thankfully on my part as I walked away without a scratch. There was no damage or penetration to the passenger compartment other than glass. I do not recall the exact circumstances but believe the vehicle I hit was coming at me and had spun out so that it was broadside directly in front of me. I think I was going between 60 and 65 mph and only had a second or so of braking before impact. And yes, OnStar works - they were in touch with me immediately."

I'm sorry the guy had an accident, but I'm thankful my husband helps make a quality product that very well could have saved this man's life.

This now-loyal GM owner bought another Acadia, by the way.