Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two wheels today...

Michael enjoyed a day-long celebration of his 14th birthday. Sean was able to come home early (the strike’s still on) so we went to an early dinner, then Michael picked out a new bike. He’d been saving up, and after combining his savings with his birthday money he was able to get just the right one. It is quite the bike.

In the card from my parents, Pops wrote, “This year: two wheels. Next time: four.” And Michael has begun the countdown: nine months, 28 days until he can begin driver’s training.

I am not sure I am ready for that…

Amy wanted Michael to have an ice cream cake so she made one. She picked a yellow cake and chocolate fudge ice cream with chocolate icing. Yummy was the universal assessment. (Well, except for Rebecca, who couldn’t figure out why the cake was so hard. She wanted to know why the cake couldn’t be soft but still have frozen ice cream inside… I gave up explaining it and just said, “I don’t know.”)

It was a great day for a great kid.

We gave Michael an assortment of accoutrements for his new wheels: a speedometer, a headlight and a bike fix-it tool kit.

And here's the bike! It's called The Outlook, which Michael and Sean both thought was pretty cool.

Getting it into the car proved more daunting than we'd imagined. We ended up taking off the front wheel.

And here's the cake! Notice the handmade card from Rebecca. Too sweet.

He didn't have any trouble blowing out the candles.

Here's a shot of the inside of the cake. Not bad for her first time making it!