Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vindication for the apple eaters!

One of the friends who was with me on Saturday called the orchard to see if protocol was breeched when people ate the apples while picking. I am happy to report Megan’s report:
As one of the apple eaters I needed to justify my actions and make sure that this unspoken rule of apple picking is okay. I have now spoken to two apple orchards (one of them being the orchard we were picking at on Saturday) and both places confirmed the practice of eating/tasting the apples as you pick them!!
I think it’s great Megan cared enough to call not just one but two orchards to check out the rules. Just proves I was right in my assessment about Megan in particular, and the rest of the group as well: they really are a good bunch.

So the quandary of eating apples in the you-pick orchard has been solved. We wrapped this one so quickly I think Congress should put us in charge of the bank bailout.