Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm out of Kleenex

I applaud the efforts of the ribbon-wearers who are trying to raise money for all sorts of causes: red bows for AIDS, pink for breast cancer, purple for lupus, blue for colon cancer. But I think there should be a great big neon orange ribbon the size of New York City to raise money to cure the common cold.

Somewhere, somehow, I caught a cold. I’d just gotten over my last one a few days ago! Last night I was up a zillion times, coughing or blowing my nose. I was so thankful Sean was out of town; if he’d been there I know I would have added worrying I was waking him up to my list of nighttime activities. In between coughs and sneezes I did worry that the sweet family I was with last night might catch my cold. I hope not.

Rebecca and I have been trying to do her schoolwork on my bed this morning. I kept dozing in and out, so she finally gave up on me and went to practice her piano. If I stay sick she may become a great concert pianist.