Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two more days

We watched a bit of The Sound of Music’s dress rehearsal tonight. Glad there are two days left because a few more run-throughs will be helpful.

Here are some pictures I took at practice today:

Amy helping a friend get her up-do ready. Notice the little curls on Amy's head - she hates them. But they're going for a 1930's-period feel so she had to put away her straightener for the week.

Amy in her habit - the headpiece was missing. She looks a bit like a Muslim like this. She's also in the party scene where she dances the waltz and the ländler.

Michael in his tails for his turn as a party guest. He's also a Nazi and the priest who marries Captain von Trapp and Maria.

The days have been long - it's 10:50 pm and the kids still aren't home from practice. I know they're getting tired but they're so excited; when the crash comes Sunday I imagine they'll sleep a long, long time.