Friday, April 03, 2009

Flat line

So, it's over. Yes, I cried. Of course, I expected to cry, just not when the theme music started...

Actually, the hour-long retrospective of the 15 seasons was the best part. I loved seeing all the former actors, especially Dr. Romano. I loved him. (Helicopters did not.) It was also fun to hear Juliana Margulies talk about her character Nurse Carol Hathaway. She was my favorite. Oh, one of my favorites. It’s hard to single out just one.

I wish the reminiscing had included the nurses other than Sam and Carol. I’d hoped to hear from the actresses playing Halleh, Chuney and Lydia. After all, Lydia uttered the first words of the whole series and the three of them were constants throughout.

As for the actual finale: yuck. Yes, it was great to see Benton and Lewis and Corday and Weaver. But what was with all the focus on the new docs who’d hardly been on the scene all year? Bringing back Dr. Greene’s daughter, Rachel, as a prospective med student and having Carter emerge as her mentor was a sweet touch, but I still had unresolved anger at her over the way she treated her dad and step-mom so I wasn’t thrilled to see her. (I am aware this is a personal problem.)

The saddest moment? Carter’s wife leaving. I’m glad they got married but it appeared the marriage was over. Come on! He’s the most-loved doc; let him leave on a happy note! I guess I should just be pleased he got his new kidney…

So my Thursday nights at 10 just opened up. I think I’m going to catch up on some reading. And hope for an ER reunion.