Saturday, April 04, 2009

I really messed that up

Sean’s been planning a date night for us for tonight for a week. (That’s a lot of fors.) Dinner, movie, time to talk, finally, now that the craziness of the last several weeks has passed. I declined an invite from friends to go out because I know Sean’s wanted some time for just the two of us. (As much I as I agreed it was hard to turn down time with Molly and Jeff. I mean, last time we were together we studied astronomy. Maybe this time we could have looked at physics or geometry. Fun times with those crazy two.) But this morning as we were getting ready for our day I realized I’d totally messed up the plans because I failed to properly manage the kiddos’ schedule.

Amy has a babysitting job all afternoon. No big deal; Michael’s still available to watch Rebecca. Or at least he was until yesterday when he asked if he could go to a friend’s house this afternoon and stay until after dinner. When he asked if it’d be okay I said, “Look on the calendar and see if anything’s planned.” Well, “Date Night” doesn’t mean anything to him; he said “No,” so I said, “Go.”

As I was recounting Michael and Amy’s plans, Sean looked at me and said, “Um what are we doing with Rebecca?”


Guess we’re going tomorrow. Sorry, honey.