Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We like the "Plus Eight" best

The season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus Eight aired last night. Amy’s fallen in love with those kids and has been concerned by the gossip that Jon and Kate may be getting a divorce. I told her I thought it was just PR to get people to watch the show and was certain in the end everyone would be laughing and saying, “Those rumors are just that: rumors.”

We watched till the end and boy was I wrong. They couldn’t even look at each other. It was ugly. And Rebecca and Amy were shocked. Rebecca couldn’t stop thinking about the kids: “Who will take care of them if their parents get divorced? Where will they live?” Amy said, “If the show’s pulling them apart shouldn’t they quit the show?” Perhaps J&K should sign up for some counseling with Amy.

After the show was over I really felt sorry for them. The trajectory of their marriage sounded a lot like ours: married young, children came quickly, no time to learn to be married before being a parent, then the immediacy of childcare subsidies and all of a sudden you wake up and wonder what the heck happened? Thankfully when that happened to us we weren’t on national TV with millions of fans and speaking engagements and book deals (although I could handle a book deal…). We were just two people figuring out how to be married.

They kept saying, “We’re here for the children.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say, “If you’re there for the children you need to be there for each other, too.” Surely with all the money TLC has invested in them being “Jon and Kate” they’ll get them some marriage counseling. I know a 12 year old who’d be willing to chat with them.


Kate Gosselin's book tour stopped in East Lansing last December. Rebecca and Amy wanted to get a book signed but when we got there the line snaked through the huge bookstore and out the door, around the side of the building all the way down the back of the bookstore. It was December. In Michigan. It was too cold to wait two hours outside. So we just got a quick peek at Kate and left. She rarely looked up at the people who'd waited so long to meet her - just sign, next, sign, next. I was very, very glad I didn't wait for that.