Monday, June 08, 2009

Boldly Going Where I May Already Be...

Sean and Michael saw Star Trek the day it came out and since then it’s been a hot topic of conversation: it’s the best prequel they’ve seen, the special effects are so amazing, they love Kirk driving the Corvette, and on and on and on. I’ve managed to block out most of their jabbering because a Trekkie, is, well, not who I saw myself married to. And even though I know Sean loves all things Star Trek, the topic simply didn’t come up too often. Until now.

I love going to the movies. Comedies, dramas, chick flicks, suspense, I love them. Sci-fi: not so much. But Sean kept saying I needed to see the movie. He loved it so much that I couldn’t say no, so Saturday night found us at a local multiplex sitting dead center, three rows from the back, popcorn in hand, ready to boldly go somewhere I wasn't sure I wanted to go.

Both of my boys failed to explain to me that I would be nervous for a goodly portion of the movie. It was grip the arm rest, gasp out loud, chew your lip suspenseful. They also failed to tell me there’s a gigantic red beast that comes from nowhere to gobble up Kirk. I was audibly disturbed when that thing came on the screen.

(Also, I thought of the Bad Astronomer – he would have liked one of the first scenes in the movie where a hole opens up in a spaceship, someone’s screaming but once he gets sucked out into space all the noises cease. See, Mr. Bad Astronomer, I was listening!)

Yes, it was a good movie. Yes, I actually enjoyed it. Yes, I realized, it’s pretty cool.

However (and this is a huge however), the whole time travel thing where Old Spock talks to Young Spock is absolutely beyond me. Sean attempted to explain it this way: “If you travel ten years ahead the 39 year old Christy will get to meet the 49 year old Christy.”

Yeah, I don’t get that. "If I go ten years into the future doesn’t that mean I won’t have had the opportunity to age so I’ll just be the same as I am now?" Why were we even having this conversation?

“NO!” said Sean. “There’s a 49 year old you in the future! And if you go ahead ten years you’ll meet her.”

Geek status setting back in.

“See,” he continued, “if you travel through time you’re creating an alternate reality that functions along with the reality you left.”

“So using your logic,” I queried, “since we’re heading back home to have dinner, I could sit here and say, ‘Well, in the future you’ve already had dinner,’ so we don't need to have dinner now. Because there’s an ‘us’ in the alternate reality and perhaps we’ve already had dinner there so you don’t really need it at all.”

He decided to end the conversation there because he really wanted dinner.*

I am glad I saw it; it was exceedingly well done. It went a long way to dispel my preconceived notions about Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk. And sometimes it’s fun to watch a movie you know could never, ever be real. Despite what your husband says.

*Insert “sex” for “dinner” and you have our actual conversation.