Sunday, June 07, 2009

Some Good GM News

Despite all the bad news about GM there is a bright spot for the carmaker: China. Thank goodness GM was forward-thinking overseas:

In the first five months of 2009, GM's sales there increased 33.8%... They were up 75% in May over the previous year. While the company shutters factories and lays off workers by the thousands in the U.S., it has announced plans to build a new factory in China and unveil 30 new or updated models, with the goal of doubling its sales in the country to 2 million vehicles within the next five years.

Oh, by the way, who was the brainchild behind that? Rick Wagoner, GM's CEO forced out by Obama.

And yes, I know I was mad at Wagoner for the private plane fiasco. But I wouldn't have fired him for it, despite my big talk. It's interesting to note what Wagoner was able to accomplish overseas; perhaps if he'd been allowed to do that here we'd all be writing about something else right now.