Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heading to Hotlanta

I am down a kid today – Michael and his buddy Calvin flew to Atlanta to spend the next five days with Michael’s grandparents. I didn’t cry when they walked through security then walked out of sight. And I held it together when the girls and I watched their plane take off (love, love, love the smallness of the Flint airport). It felt like major personal growth that I wasn’t a blubbering idiot considering I’ve only got three more years before he leaves for real.

When we lived in Atlanta the kids’ friends knew our parents. Sean’s folks and mine were faithful fans at any school event or birthday party. My parents attended the same church we did and many of my friends also became friends with my Mom. My parents have a pool in their backyard and they encouraged the grandkids to invite friends over. We had many birthday parties there, parties my in-laws also attended. (Big bonus – our parents were friends before Sean and I started dating.)

Since we moved to Michigan one constant complaint (besides, “What is with all this *&%$# snow?!?!” Wait, that’s me…) has been that the kids wish their new friends could spend time with their grandparents. Michael, especially, has missed the opportunity to have his friends know Nanny and Pops (my folks) and Grandma and Grandpa (Sean’s). So I asked Calvin’s mom if she’d let him fly to Hotlanta with Michael; thankfully she said yes. So right now they’re with Grandma and Grandpa chowing down at the Varsity, an Atlanta landmark near the campus of Georgia Tech. You have never had such wonderful onion rings – totally greasy but so yummy.

The boys will spend the first 2 ½ days with Grandma and Grandpa and the next 2 ½ days with my parents. I’ve heard a few of the plans and let me just say I am jealous. What have Nanny and Pops done with my parents? They were not this fun when I lived at home, let me tell you.

I hope Michael checks in occasionally. But I’m not counting on it.